Optimization of business processes

Integration of IT, infrastructure and communications

The progressive standardization and increasing networking of IT offers opportunities for optimizing your business processes, despite the system-immanent insecurity of the worldwide data networks. Our powerful and secure IT solutions enable you to withstand the negative side-effects of the Internet without suffering performance losses. Our comprehensive know-how allows us to support you not only during the installation and operation of a tailor-made industrial IT infrastructure solution but also during the implementation of company-wide solutions for communications and IT security, as well as with their integration into your production and business processes. The solutions are freely scalable, from the individual demand analysis through the development, implementation and commissioning of the solution, to qualification and service throughout the entire life-cycle of your chemical plant. And when your chemical company grows, our solutions simply grow with it.

IT solutions for sustainable business success

As an experienced, reliable business partner for all IT requirements, Siemens IT Solutions and Services supplies you with all-embracing IT solutions, including software development and IT services – from one source. The portfolio covers more than "green IT" and reducing the storage and energy costs associated with growing quantities of data. Under the concept of sustainability, we focus not only on energy management but particularly on the automation of data centers, their stability and utilization, right through to outsourcing. Benefit from our innovative capabilities for organizing and optimizing your business processes. They will make IT, infrastructure and communications to strategic success factors for your chemical company.