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Water treatment for greater efficiency

Water, as ultra-pure or process water, as coolant or solvent, plays a key role in the chemical industry. It must be treated before, during, and after each process.  The more efficient the use, the less water treatment is required, and thus the greater the economic success. We are a global leader in water treatment:  We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions, and services for process, ultra-pure and cooling water production and the purification/filtration of industrial wastewater.  Our spectrum ranges from online analytical measurement technology for the continuous detection of chemical and physical properties, to high-performance water treatment systems for any requirement and scale, all the way to an open and scalable automation infrastructure.  Process-specific requirements, regulatory demands, and statutory regulations are, of course, also complied with.  Thanks to the seamless integration of all components in Totally Integrated Automation, all relevant data is available at any time on the process level, in the control system, and in the system network via MES. With Siemens, you can improve the operational reliability of your chemical plants, increase their availability, and sustainably reduce operating costs.  Our contribution to increased efficiency