Products, systems, and services for waste management

It is better to avoid residues than to dispose of them

New reaction channels and production and purification processes often lead to more unused by-products, thus causing larger amounts of waste. When non-recoverable process residues are burned, cleaning and processing the discharged air pose a great challenge, in which it is necessary to remove pollutants from flue gas safely and efficiently.  As part of a waste management strategy, it is even better to reduce, reuse, or recycle waste. Siemens supports you in all your processes and in compliance with the legal framework.  With automation, instrumentation, and process analysis, we contribute to the optimal use of resources, process optimization, preventive maintenance, and to comprehensive measured value documentation. In laboratory test series and batch processes, we help avoid unnecessary waste through high-quality process development and demand-driven, just-in-time production. By means of intelligent control of incineration plants, we also reduce the creation of pollutants, and we ensure maximum cleaning results through the optimal integration of the connected flue gas scrubbers.  Our heat recovery solutions not only allow you to solve the disposal problem economically, but by using process heat intelligently, you are always on the safe side in terms of resource efficiency.