Unique opportunities for more efficient use of valuable energy


Energy management in automation and energy supply

Secondary processes account for two-thirds of the total energy needs in chemical production.  They therefore offer the greatest potential to increase efficiency. Most auxiliary plants are in standby mode for much of the time — and are not running at full capacity around the clock over the entire life cycle of a chemical plant.  The potential for energy optimization is therefore high. Siemens has a unique range of products, systems, and services for energy-efficient process design, for automation and energy management of process-engineering processes, and for the optimization of pumps, fans, air compressors and gas turbines in power plants, to name a few examples. 

With the Energy Optimization Service or the Energy Health Check, plants are comprehensively and systematically analyzed in terms of their energy consumption, alternatives and savings potential are presented, and then the measures are implemented.  For example, energy can be saved by using an energy-saving motor, a converter, or a speed-controlled drive, or through the optimal heating and ventilation of buildings.  By reducing flue gas, process water, or solvent, the effort required for the energy-intensive and therefore cost-intensive treatment can be reduced. Our solutions not only monitor the process parameters and visualize the energy flows, but they are also characterized by low energy consumption, energy optimization algorithms, and energy recovery abilities. With this sustainable approach, operating costs can be reduced by up to 20 percent to increase increase your company's profitability while providing the best energy quality.