Innovative SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system

Increased efficiency and investment protection for your chemical plant

SIMATIC PCS 7 is the powerful process control system for your chemical plant – for today and tomorrow. Thanks to the open, modular system architecture it is easy to implement in any chemical plant. It is scalable for use in laboratories, in pilot plants, for continuous, batch up to networked plants, and can also be expanded online at any time. Operation and monitoring is possible on site in the control room or also remotely over the Internet. Communication is via Ethernet. All faceplates and function blocks required are available as a block library (Advanced Process Library). Explosion protection and functional safety are integrated in SIMATIC PCS 7 by means of intrinsically-safe I/Os, fail-safe components and Safety Matrix. An engineering tool can be used to graphically configure the PLCs, to parameterize the field devices, and to set up the electrical components. 

A range of integrated functions for process optimization

Distributed fieldbus and I/O systems are elementary automation components. These are connected via PROFIBUS or Foundation Fieldbus (FF) in order to exchange control commands, measured values and diagnostics data with the process control system. The complete scope of diagnostics options, the asset management functions including control of the mechanical plant components, and the central parameterization are thus guaranteed. Further savings can be made from optimizing the processes with the corresponding tools such as advanced process control or simulation which are also available in SIMATIC PCS 7.

Tailor-made migration strategies

You have to protect your investments and the future of your chemical plant. By means of our tailored migration solutions we can reliably convert your existing automation systems to the next efficiency level. The technological upgrade of a legacy control system, also of third-parties, can be carried out in steps or for single plant sections. We have the appropriate answers how to migrate with minimum downtimes or even during ongoing operation. Every automation task can be solved with SIMATIC PCS 7, and your chemical production can be operated with maximum flexibility, safety and efficiency throughout the entire life-cycle.

Modern plant control rooms and operating and visualization concepts (HMI+)

Plant operators today have to deal with a steadily increasing degree of complexity in the processes to be monitored, and must also come to terms with the heterogeneous system environment to be found in control rooms.

Modern plant control systems from Siemens together with well though-out operating and visualization concepts support the operator in achieving smooth running of their chemical plants.

With our HMIplus concept, based on the SIMATIC PCS 7 automation system, we take care when planning process plants and designing plant control rooms to integrate user-oriented process visualization features right from the start.

HMIplus, the user-oriented human-machine interface makes a great contribution here. Uniform operating elements and so-called hybrid displays make it simple to monitor quality-relevant process parameters, both in operative process control and predictive plant management. In this way the HMIplus concept ensures optimized operating sequences and improved operator and plant efficiency over the entire life-cycle of the process control system.