SIMATIC BATCH automation in conformance with S-88

Increased production flexibility reduces the time-to-market

Market requirements change very quickly. Flexible production processes and uniform recipe automation conforming to the S88 standard are therefore becoming increasingly important. With SIMATIC BATCH we offer you a powerful solution package for these demands. It includes a user-friendly recipe management system for production modifications or product changes. Modular master recipes facilitate the creation of batches, and thus improve resource efficiency and plant occupation during production in the chemical industry. SIMATIC BATCH allows reproducible batches with a constant quality. Increased transparency is provided by automatic recording of all data for the batch report as well as integration of the inventory and quality data in the automation system. For safety reasons all changes are simple to comprehend, e.g. through the use of version assignment, logbook and access protection.

SIMATIC BATCH provides you with the information relevant to optimum process control and flexible production. This permits you to react rapidly to changing market conditions in the dynamic environment of the chemical industry. Increased utilization of the production plants, linked to improved production flexibility, results in a reduction in the time-to-market and to lower operating and life-cycle costs on the whole.