Comprehensive offering for safe applications in your chemical plant

We guarantee plant safety by increasing plant availability

Sustained success in the chemical industry absolutely depends on plant safety. Integrated safety concepts such as Safety Instrumented Systems guarantee fault-free operation of your chemical plant, together with protection of people, machines and environment. Our endeavours range from continuous optimization of our automation and drive components through the development of solutions for risk analysis up to training courses for plant operators and maintenance personnel.

Safety Integrated

Safety Integrated from Siemens uses standard automation and drive engineering components expanded by safety functions. Part of our safety concept is also the innovative safety life-cycle engineering tool SIMATIC Safety Matrix. This can be used to easily configure safety applications by linking causes and effects. A further safety aspect for checking protection valves is the partial stroke test  (PST), with which malfunctions can be detected and prevented at an early point in time during ongoing operation. All these measures contribute to the safety of your chemical production. Furthermore, the significantly reduced requirements for engineering, commissioning and maintenance simultaneously result in an increase in availability and thus in the total productivity of your chemical plant.