Precise and powerful process analytics

Increase the productivity of your chemical plant

Product quality, plant safety and resource efficiency depend directly on the availability of reliable process data. Our tailored analytical systems deliver exact data to the process control system via PROFIBUS or HART, e.g. on the composition, concentration or purity of the product streams. The range of equipment comprises state-of-the-art chromatographs, infrared gas analyzers, analyzers for paramagnetic measurement of oxygen, and spectroscopic measuring equipment (NIR). Optimum measuring results can then be achieved in any environment: whether under corrosive operating conditions, in hazardous areas, or at vacuums down to 10 mbar, whether in the site laboratory or in a completely engineered analyzer shelter.

Profit from a high degree of operating convenience, data transparency and maintenance friendliness. All results are documented reliably, also in line with statutory requirements if necessary. You also avoid undesirable side reactions, thus ensuring that pollutants cannot enter the wastewater or the plant’s exhaust air. This makes a contribution to increased sustainability of the chemical production.