A high degree of information quality with the SIMATIC IT Manufacturing Execution System

Improvement in the productivity and flexibility of your chemical plant

The harder the competition, the shorter the product life-cycles, and the stricter the statutory requirements, the more important it is to have an integrated system which makes all relevant process, production and business data available at all times - throughout all company levels and for the complete value chain. This is exactly the point where SIMATIC IT, the modular Manufacturing Execution System from Siemens, demonstrates its strengths.

SIMATIC IT provides the transparency and efficiency required for your chemical plant, for it helps to improve the workflow between transport, stockkeeping, process and laboratory. The wide range of components for planning, implementation and documentation of production and development processes contributes to decision-making, production optimization, and quality assurance throughout the entire life-cycle. SIMATIC IT delivers process data, KPIs and reports for reacting quickly and flexibly in order to be able to produce exactly what is currently required on the market and will provide the best earnings. The scope of functions includes management systems for determination of raw material quality, for quality assurance in the laboratory (LIMS), and for process monitoring, for example of the energy flows.

These are ideal prerequisites for shortening the time-to-market and for improving the competitiveness of your company.