Wide range of low-voltage components for the chemical industry

For controlling, monitoring and switching, we offer a wide range of intelligent motor management systems, circuit breakers with communications capability, motor starters, overload relays and local switches. These can be conveniently integrated into the automation system via AS-Interface or PROFIBUS. All components feature a compact design, simple assembly and maintenance, and additional functions for asset management and Safety Integrated. This guarantees user friendliness, plant availability, and further saving potentials in your chemical plant.

SIRIUS motor starters are available as direct-on-line, reversing and soft starters, for use in the control cabinet, for the distributed I/O in the field, for jerk-free starting and stopping, and also for starting explosion-protected motors. SIMOCODE pro is the flexible motor management system for low-voltage constant-speed motors, also ATEX-certified for overload protection of explosion-protected motors. SIRIUS and SIMOCODE provide comprehensive electronic motor protection on the one hand, and on the other they optimally satisfy the demands for future-oriented power management of your chemical plant.

Efficient and uniform power distribution

The SIVACON switchgear and the SENTRON switching devices ensure safe and efficient power distribution. SIVACON provides the low-voltage distribution and the function of the Motor Control Center (MCC). On the US market, TIASTAR handles the function of the MCC, and the WL switchgear the power distribution. Our wide range of tools can also be used to specifically reduce energy costs during planning of the power distribution, recording and visualization of the energy-relevant measured values, and for energy controlling, e.g. using SIMATIC PCS 7 powerrate, b.data power management, SIMARIS Design or SENTRON PAC3200.

With Siemens switching devices you profit all along the line: reduced engineering overhead, lower integration and energy costs, and more process information. These are associated with optimizing your business processes, assuring uniform quality, and increasing productivity during production.