Frequency converters for the chemical industry

An increase in efficiency and energy saving

It is worthwhile equipping the motors of the many pumps, fans, agitators, mixers, compressors and extruders in your chemical plant with frequency converters for variable-speed operation. These guarantee exact and flexible processes, subject the plant components to less wear, and enable energy savings of up to 70%.

Our MICROMASTER, SINAMICS and DYNAVERT product families satisfy all requirements of the chemical industry. Siemens frequency converters cover the power range from 0.12 kW to 120 MW. They can be used in the control cabinet or directly in the field. They are rugged, reliable, low-maintenance, and simple to handle. They are equipped with NAMUR functions and NAMUR terminal strips, have corresponding filters for limiting voltage peaks and gradients, and have an ATEX-certified PTC shutdown for hazardous areas. Electrical isolation according to the PELV protective measure is guaranteed. A significantly improved efficiency can be obtained with the energy recovery into the net. Siemens frequency converters are linked to the automation system via PROFIBUS to allow increased uniformity and functionality. If these arguments have not yet fully convinced you, our SinaSave energy-saving program permits fast calculation of the saving potential and the redemption time for frequency converters.

As you can see, Siemens products are the basis for an increase in performance and more profitability in your chemical plant.

Frequency converters for all tasks

Regardless of how demanding your variable speed applications are Siemens can deliver exactly the right frequency converter. Our commitment to engineering excellence will to satisfy all of your requirements — even in customized or medium voltage drive applications.

SINAMICS S: converters for complex applications

Whether for single-axis drives used for positioning tasks, for flexible and modular drive systems for demanding single- or multi-axis applications, or for motion control solutions, the SINAMICS S range from Siemens always offers the right solution.