Energy efficiency in chemical plants and buildings

Siemens helps you to use and consume less energy

Energy requirements in the chemical industry are enormous. The energy and environmental challenges can only be mastered using energy-saving and climate-protecting technologies. Siemens offers a wide range of solutions for optimization of energy use and consumption as well as for improving the energy efficiency – during operation, in buildings or for the IT infrastructure.


To optimize the energy consumption in your chemical plant, we offer the SENTRON PACs which are compact and powerful monitoring units for recording all consumption data of your electrical power distribution. They can be linked extremely simply to the automation and power management system.


For power management purposes, this energy data can be processed further in a wide range of products and solutions. SIMATIC Win CC or PCS 7 powerrate display the energy consumption and the associated energy costs of your plant. Thus energy costs can be divided according to the consumers, permitting identification of high consumers and potential savings. Our innovative power management software provides the basis for economical and optimized energy management. It comprises the recording of energy data, data processing, versatile analysis and forecasting options, billing, and prediction of relevant energy data and parameters.


The achieved transparency in the energy consumption and costs allows specific measures to be implemented. Siemens can also offer an appropriate solution here from its comprehensive portfolio. The power management system can increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs by up to 20% through optimization of energy usage, e.g. by observing energy supply contracts. The use of energy-efficient motors or variable-speed drives even permits energy savings of up to 70%. Our frequency converter and compressor solutions are ideal for direct energy recovery.


Our holistic approach toward optimizing the energy consumption of your chemical plant also includes consulting services in addition to products. We can produce energy studies and carry out audits for energy management, and demonstrate how you can optimize your electrical drives or industrial processes.

The economical use of natural resources results in a reduction in energy costs and increased sustainability through reduced CO2 emissions. Increased energy productivity and profitability are then the cornerstones to the long-term success of your company.