Automation solution for larger and industrial biogas and biomethane plants

If you want to automate your biogas/biomethane plant analogous to the subsections, with a distinction between biogas generation and biogas conditioning or between main and auxiliary processes, for example, then we also have the correct automation solution for you.

The individual plant components are operated and controlled locally. They are linked to a central server over Industrial Ethernet or ISDN/DSL, thus permitting remote operation and monitoring. Data archiving, monitoring and diagnostics (asset management) are also carried out with the central SIMATIC PCS7 server or single-user system which can also be of redundant design.

Integrated safety as a matter of course

Explosion protection and functional safety are important considerations in such a biogas plant. SIMATIC ET200iSP is intrinsically safe and can be installed directly in Zone 1. To achieve functional safety up to SIL 3, the standard components are supplemented by the required safety components. SIMATIC Safety Matrix additionally provides a simple cause & effect matrix to enable configuration, visualization and modification of safety applications.As you can see, this automation solution can also enable you to carry out biogas production safely and reliably.