Automation solution for a medium-sized farm-based biogas plant

The economic and compact SIMATIC PCS 7 Box process control system is exactly the right solution for a locally controlled, medium-sized biogas plant with an output of 500 kW. Automatic archiving and reporting of the process data facilitate monitoring, and permit comprehensive diagnostics and predictive maintenance. Existing biogas plants are also easy to modernize using this process control system, for example to increase the reliability and efficiency in the production of biogas.


I/O systems and controllers

Distributed field busses and I/O systems are basic components of this solution. Communication is carried out via PROFIBUS. Thus the remote I/O SIMATIC ET 200M/S/iSP can be distributed between any subsection of the plant. This shortens the cable paths to the field devices, thus reducing the installation costs and commissioning time. As you can see, Siemens offers solutions tailored to your requirements which can result in significant cost savings for biogas production.