Ideal process instrumentation for bioethanol production

Pressure, temperature, flow, level and point levels must be monitored at various positions in a bioethanol plant, whether in the fermenter, in the distillation column, or in the tank farm. Correct selection of the instrumentation is the basis for trouble-free production and continuous optimization during the production of bioethanol. Integrated into the process automation over PROFIBUS or HART communication, the measured data provide important information for online monitoring, diagnostics (asset management) and predictive maintenance.

Comprehensive range of process instruments

Your bioethanol plant can be operated economically both for hazardous areas and less safety-critical plant sections using the family of SITRANS measuring instruments, the Pointek sensors, and the SIPART PS2 positioner. Profit from our versatility: The SITRANS LR 400 is particularly suitable for level measurements per radar in storage tanks. SITRANS FM is the electromagnetic flowmeter for aqueous salt solutions of high conductivity. The high-precision SITRANS FC Coriolis flowmeter measures the concentration in alcohol, and also the mass flow and density of the medium.

Our wide range of process instruments will support you in the economic production of bioethanol, sugar or energy – depending on what you are currently producing. However, we not only provide reliable results but make a contribution through continuous innovation toward long-term improvements in quality and performance in the bioethanol production plant.