Automation solution according to NEMA standard

For the Americas, automation concepts for bioethanol plants are designed in accordance with NEMA standards. Our models comprise the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, drive and field technology, as well as components for power distribution and energy management. A central controller of redundant design is normally used to control the bioethanol production. The ET 200M/S/iSP I/O is distributed across the main plant areas, of which there are three in our example solution. This shortens the cable paths to the field devices, thus reducing the installation costs and commissioning time.

For larger distances, communication is carried out over PROFIBUS DP, or via AS-Interface for binary sensors and actuators or if more diagnostics options are required than over PROFIBUS PA.

Motor control for bioethanol production

TIASTAR, the motor control center (MCC) from Siemens for the Americas, can also be effectively integrated into the automation system via AS-Interface. If increased diagnostics is required for energy or asset management, or if larger motors critical to the process are used, these can also be linked via SIMOCODE pro. In accordance with the three main areas of a bioethanol plant, MCC and power distribution have a decentralized design within the range of the low-voltage. Power distribution is handled by the WL switchgear which of course conforms to the NEMA directives and possesses the appropriate UL certifications.

As you can see, Siemens offers solutions tailored to your requirements for bioethanol production. The integrated automation results in increased efficiency and profitability of your bioethanol plants.