Wide variety of medium-voltage and low-voltage components for bioethanol production

Motor starters, circuit-breakers, overload relays, local switches, and others, are available on the energy side for controlling, monitoring and switching. The SIVACON control equipment includes the low-voltage distribution and the function of the Motor Control Center (MCC). On the US market, TIASTAR handles the function of the MCC and the WL switchgear the power distribution.

We recommend GEAFOL resin-encapsulated transformers and NXAIR M medium-voltage switchgear for the power supply. For bioethanol plants using sugar cane, Siemens gas or steam turbines are particularly suitable for cogeneration in the connected biofuels power plant.

We also develop modular systems, from compact control cabinets up to subsystems in containers, facilitating faster and more cost-effective construction and commissioning of your bioethanol plant.

Energy management for a better sustainability

Energy costs can also be specifically reduced with regard to planning the power distribution, recording and visualization of the energy-relevant values and energy controlling by using our wide range of tools, such as SIMATIC PCS 7 powerrate, b.data energy management, SIMARIS Design or SENTRON PAC3200.

The efficient energy use of the drive and energy management systems from Siemens means that you can not only significantly reduce the operating costs of your bioethanol plant, but additionally protect the environment and global climate.