Automation for handling of residues

Siemens products and solutions monitor and control the decanting und drying steps. The residues from the distillation are decanted by means of centrifuges, the transparent fluid is concentrated by evaporation, and the resulting syrup dried. The process water obtained from the distillate is returned to the mash process. Some of the solid residues from the centrifuges can be sold directly as nutritious animal fodder or as fertilizer. A further possibility for using waste materials is to burn them for energy recovery or steam generation.

Energy management is becoming increasingly important

Our integrated solutions for automation and energy management support all process steps for residues handling. Supplemented by conventional power plant technology, they make a contribution to increased energy efficiency during the production of bioethanol. Furthermore, they increase the total economy of your bioethanol plant as a result of the additional income resulting from marketing of the electrical or thermal energy.