Automation for bioethanol production

In the first process step, the mash undergoes saccharification. If bioethanol is to be produced, and not sugar, yeast is added to the actual bioethanol production – the fermentation. The sugar ferments into ethanol. The subsequent distillation produces ethanol with a purity of 96% which can be used directly in special vehicle engines. For the production of ethanol with a purity of 99.8% – which is added to gasoline – the residual water must also be removed.

Universality from the field level to the control level

To allow uniform and continuous automation of your bioethanol plant, all components are completely integrated in the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system. If fermentation is carried out in parallel fermenters, SIMATIC BATCH is used for optimum batch control. The SIMATIC IT Manufacturing Execution System provides the necessary transparency between the production and plant management levels. At the field level, Siemens process instruments provide the measured values for monitoring the bioethanol production. These work safely and precisely even in hazardous areas, just like the Siemens drive technology. Our motors for the compression refrigerating machines or the controllers of the vacuum pumps for the vaporizers and condensers are protected against ignition