Automation for biodiesel production

Biodiesel is usually produced in so-called transesterification plants. Oil, methanol and a catalyst are mixed, and separated in the subsequent transesterification process into biodiesel and glycerin. The biodiesel is washed to remove residual methanol, and then distilled or dried in the vaporizer. The methanol present in the glycerin is also distilled and returned to the process. Depending on the purpose, the glycerin is purified and processed further.

Integral process safety

Biodiesel production is mainly carried out in hazardous areas, and all components must therefore be explosion-proof and protected against ignition. Siemens drive technology and instrumentation have all the required approvals to guarantee safe control and monitoring of the process. Furthermore, all components are completely integrated in the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system or SIMATIC BATCH to allow optimum batch control, and assure continuous automation of your biodiesel plant.