Biofuels Production

Biofuels production continues to grow significantly worldwide. To be successful in this highly competitive market, plant operators must ensure their production is as efficient, safe and economical as possible. Siemens has responded to this challenge with a unique, comprehensive range of automation solutions for use throughout the production process.

Food & Beverage

Lower costs, greater production flexibility, consistent quality, and efficient tracking and tracing — our solutions for food and beverage manufacturers will help you meet virtually any challenge.

Mining Industry

Siemens offers and develops a comprehensive product, system and solution portfolio for the global mining industry that helps to improve output quality and to lead to higher production results.Our portfolio ranges from extraction and transportation to beneficiation and secondary processes of raw materials

Solar Industry

Siemens AG was committed to the solar industry as early as the 1950s. With this long time of experience, Siemens is the ideal partner for the solar industry. Our customers can benefit from our comprehensive automation portfolio, our electrical and building offers and our utility packages for production sites in the solar industry.

Chemical Industries

Master the complex challenges of the chemical industry such as efficient resource management, flexible production, and sustainable success throughout the entire life-cycle. We have the appropriate answers to the wide-ranging requirements of the chemical industry. Together with you we work toward optimizing production processes achieving increased efficiency, safety and sustainability of your chemical plant.


Dedicated solutions for increased guest comfort, safety and security, energy efficiency and reduced operational costs.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical and life science industry is undergoing rapid change with patents expiring, prices falling and competition increasing. These pharmaceutical industry pressures are driving greater efficiency and reduced time-to-market. Siemens’ extensive experience, interdisciplinary expertise, and thorough pharmaceutical process understanding can help you in this transition.