SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) RT - Task Scheduler


Various activities must be carried out in an HMI system regardless of a current operation. This includes, for example, the printing out of a report at the end of a shift or the regular export of log data. These activities must be initiated in the background, regardless of whether alarms are currently queuing up or an operator is monitoring the current status of the machine or plant or is in the process of entering new setpoints in the operating system. Other activities must be carried out dependent upon global events in the operating system, e.g. if special log-off functions are to be carried out prior to stopping Runtime.

WinCC supports the configuration of these activities with the task scheduler. All central tasks that are time-controlled or must be carried out dependent upon global events in the operating system can be configured in the scheduler. During the configuration, a determination can be made as to whether a system function or a user-defined function, e.g. via script, is initiated and what kind of initiator is involved. The supported events that can initiate such a function and the executable functions are dependent upon the configured target system. For example, status information can be forwarded via the controller for a simple HMI device when the alarm buffer threatens to overflow, whereas for WinCC Runtime Professional a monitoring function is regularly initiated in order to check a system status

Special time-triggered print jobs with the associated parameters can also be initiated as special tasks via the task scheduler in WinCC Runtime Professional.