SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) RT - Process communication

Running smoothly in TIA environment as well as cross-manufacturer


Drivers for the different system links to Siemens S7 controller series and automation systems and to controllers from many other vendors are included in the scope of delivery of WinCC.In particular, the operator systems support PROFINET, the innovative standard for industrial communication from the field level to the control level.

Time-critical entries via direct keys or handwheel can be done in real-time via PROFINET IO. PROFINET is based on Industrial Ethernet and uses the TCP/IP standard for parameterization, configuration,and diagnostics. Real-time communication for the transmission of user/process data is performed on the same cable. Distributed field devices (IO Devices, e.g. HMI devices) can be integrated into Industrial Ethernet either directly or via IO Controllers.

The communication is configured in the "Devices and Networks" editor of the TIA Portal. The communication links between individual stations is configured graphically and very vividly in the network view.

OPC (OLE for Process Control)

OPC für herstellerübergreifende kommunikation

For cross-manufacturer communication, e.g. for integrating automation components of various manufacturers in an automation concept, WinCC supports OPC.

An advantage for the user consists of saving development costs thanks to the communication between automation systems on the basis of a homogeneous, uniform protocol. OPC clients are available for WinCC Runtime Advanced (OPC DA - Data Access) and for WinCC Runtime Professional (OPC DA and OPC XML DA - Data Access). Any servers that support the corresponding communication standards can be used as data sources. In particular, these are one's own HMI devices and PC-based Runtime systems. All of the OPC servers listed here are already included in the standard scope of delivery.

  • OPC XML DA (Data Access)
    for Comfort Panels, MultiPanels, and  Mobile Panels 277

  • OPC DA (Data Access)
    for WinCC Runtime Advanced and WinCC Runtime Professional

  • OPC A&E (Alarms and Events)
    for WinCC Runtime Professional

  • OPC HDA (Historical Data Access)
    for WinCC Runtime Professional