SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) ES - Products and licenses

Scalable Engineering packages

SIMATIC WinCC ES (TIA Portal) - Licenses of the basic system

The WinCC Engineering Software is available on a graduated price and performance basis, that can be tailored to your specific operator control and monitoring devices in an optimum way. Upward compatibility is always ensured within the WinCC offering. You can upgrade your version by purchasing power packs.

The following licenses are available:

  • SIMATIC WinCC Basic (TIA Portal)
    for the configuration of SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels; WinCC Basic is part of the STEP 7 Basic software package and cannot be upgraded

  • SIMATIC WinCC Comfort (TIA Portal)
    for configuring the new SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels as well as Mobile Panels, x 70 Panels and Multi Panels

  • SIMATIC WinCC Advanced (TIA Portal)
    for the configuration of PC-based HMI single-user solutions

  • SIMATIC WinCC Professional (TIA Portal)
    for process visualization and SCADA applications
    (available in three variants with 512, 4096 or maximum number of Power Tags1))


Powerpacks give the user the option to adapt both the engineering software and the runtime packages to increasing requirements at any time. With Powerpacks the user can upgrade from WinCC Comfort to WinCC Advanced or WinCC Professional, or the number of configurable PowerTags1) can be further increased for WinCC Professional.

Software updates

With the Software Update Service (SUS), all released versions of your SIMATIC software are automatically delivered directly to you – i.e. all upgrades and service packs. Thus it is ensured that your software is always up-to-date.

Hardware support packages for the configuration of new SIMATIC HMI devices, as well as service packs, can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet.

The Software Update Service:

  • Saves logistics costs
    Once it is ordered, the Software Update Service is automatically renewed every year.

  • Reduces costs
    The service pays for itself after the first update as it costs less than an individually ordered update.

  • Provides an overview of costs 
    Software expenditures can be accounted for early in the budgeting process and they are easier to write off.

Purchase conditions
The Software Update Service is simply ordered like a product. An SUS is required for each installed software license. The SUS is valid for 12 months from the date of order and is automatically extended by a further year. It can be canceled three months prior to expiration. A prerequisite is the purchase of the current software version. 

1) Only process tags that are connected to the controller or other data sources via a WinCC communication channel are designated as Power-Tags. Up to 32 alarms and up to 256 user-definable analog alarms can be derived from one PowerTag. Moreover, internal tags without process linking are available for free as additional system performance.