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STEP 7 Basic Podcasts

The screencasts below show you the SIMATIC S7-1200 innovations using selected scenarios, which demonstrate the convenience and efficiency of the STEP 7 Basic engineering system.
These audio screencasts can be played without further software, you can download a high-resolution variant as well.

The podcasts were generated in order to inform about STEP7 Basic V.10.5 which is the direct predecessor of the current STEP 7 Basic V11 Software. Most of the shown operating steps do work the same way in version 11 and screens look quite similiar.

Common Functions

The following screencasts give you an overview of the portal and project views of the central engineering system and show the creating and handling of PLC tags.

The Siemens Information System
provides you with an overview of the STEP7 basic information system which helps you solve your programming tasks
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Portal and Project Views
provides you with an overview of the portal views and project views of the central engineering system for fast, task-oriented programming.
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Assigning Symbolic Names in One Central Location
shows you, how to assign symbolic names in one central location and automatic data consistency between the new powerful editors.
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shows you how to obtain a quick overview and quick access to the locations of your variables and blocks, by using the cross reference list.
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The Assignment List
gives you an overview of the advantages and features of the Assignment List which provides a view of all of the objects in your program.
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The following screencasts discuss the online functionalities of STEP 7 Basic in detail.

Monitoring and Modifying Tags
shows you how to test the execution of your user program by manipulating and monitoring variables.
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Comparing Offline-Online
shows you how to specifically determine the differences in your project data by using an offline-online comparison, and how to respond to these differences.
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Devices & Networks

The following screencasts discuss the new functions in the graphics editor Devices & Networks in detail..

Zoom Functions in the Device View
introduces the zoom functions in the device view which you can use to directly highlight individual hardware details.
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Connections and Addresses
shows you how to maintain an overview over connections and addresses by using the graphic and tabular display of the network view.
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Signal Boards
provides an overview of signal boards,which offer additional I/O for the S7-1200, including installation and configuration.
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Loading a Configuration
provides an overview of loading the configuration of a CPU and attached modules directly to STEP 7 Basic.
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PLC Programming

The following screencasts show you new functionalities in the programming editor

Indexed Access to Array Elements
shows you an excellent program variant for indexed accesses to array elements.
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Changing Blocks
provides an overview of making changes to existing instruction blocks, e.g. easily change the data type of an instruction, or the instruction type.
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How to Use Favorites
shows you how to use Favorites to give you quick access to the instructions that you frequently use.
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LAD Branch Handling
provides an overview of programming branches in ladder logic for processes with multiple logic conditions.
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How to Define Tags
shows you how to define tags, by dragging the I/O addresses directly from the device editor to the tag table.
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Using Blocks
describes how STEP 7 Basic supports structured programming with convenient handling of program blocks.
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The following screencasts introduce some useful tools and aids from WinCC Basic

HMI - Object Alignment
provides an overview of aligning, distributing and sizing objects on the SIMATIC HMI screen.
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Drag & Drop Tags between STEP 7 and WinCC Basic
shows you how to exchange symbols and variables between STEP7 and WinCC Basic with integrated engineering.
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