Safety Integrated for process automation


SIMATIC S7-400F, S7-300F and SIMATIC ET 200S F-CPUs safety controllers are used for the implementation of standard and safety automation.

SIMATIC S7-400FH controllers, with redundant controllers are used for extended system availability in order to satisfy safety and fault-tolerance demands.

For use as a safe controller, the user can expand the standard CPU to include safety-relevant functions with the S7-F Systems software package.

Hence the S7-400FH controllers achieve all safety and fault-tolerant requirements.

The safety controllers can be expanded with the safety-related signal modules of the ET 200M, ET 200S, ET 200pro (IP67) and/or the ET 200eco (IP67) block IO. The ET 200M can be configured redundantly.

The communication between two safety-related controllers or between one safety-related controller and assigned safety-related IO takes place via PROFIBUS using the PROFIsafe profile.

In order to take different performance requirements into account, a wide range of SIMATIC S7-400F/FH CPUs as well as S7-300F CPUs and ET 200S F-CPUs are available:

    safety, intelligent interface modules for use on-site in the lower performance range

  • SIMATIC S7-300F:
    safety CPUs for the mid to upper performance range

  • SIMATIC S7-400F:
    safety CPUs for the mid to upper performance range

  • SIMATIC S7-400FH:
    Safety, fault-tolerant controllers in single and redundant design for the mid and upper performance ranges


Field of application

Safety-related SIMATIC controllers are used for critical applicationsin which an incident can result in danger to persons,plant damage or environmental damage. Working togetherwith the safety-related F-modules of the ET 200 distributed I/O system or directly via fail-safe transmitters connected viathe fieldbus, they detect faults both in the process and theirown internal faults, and automatically set the plant to a safestate in the event of a fault.


Portfolio overview