Safety Integrated for process automation


In addition to safety input and output modules, the ET 200S product line also includes safety frequency converters, motor starters, power modules, contact multipliers and interface modules.

An ET 200S station can hold both safety and standard input and output modules.

Supported safety buses:

  • PROFIBUS via IM 151-1 HF

  • PROFINET via IM 151-3 PN HF and IM 151-3 PN FO with LWL interface


Field of Application

The ET 200S is used for distributed expansion of the safety S7 controllers.


Product overview

Digital inputs / outputs

For connecting digital sensors/encoders and/or loads/actuators

Power modules

For safety-related shutdown of standard digital outputs (DOs) up to category 3 (EN 954-1)

Motor starters

For monitoring and short-circuit protection of the supply voltages for the loads and encoders

Frequency converters

Safe standstill, safely reduced speed and safe brake ramp for encorderless asynchronous motors