Safety Integrated for process automation


SIMATIC ET 200 provides a comprehensive range of standard and safety-related IO modules for the distributed expansion of the SIMATIC S7-400F/FH and for the central and distributed expansion of the SIMATIC S7-300F.

Safety and standard I/O modules can be combined in an ET 200M/ET 200S/eco and pro station. Both the safety and the standard I/O modules are interfaced via one fieldbus system, i.e. PROFIBUS with PROFIsafe profile.

For maximum plant availability, the safety-related ET 200M IO is used which also permits a redundant configuration.Together with the redundant PROFIBUS connection, this forms the basis of Flexible Modular Redundancy™ (FMR). The redundant architecture offers maximum availability since this measure can compensate for failure of a CPU, a PROFIBUS line or a signal module.


Field of application

Safety-related systems offer maximum safety for personnel, machines and environment. They help to avoid accidents and damage as a consequence of a fault. All safety ET 200 modules can diagnose internal and external faults and are redundantly configured internally. They have their own self-tests and conform to the necessary safety requirements.


Portfolio overview