Drives, and motion controlsystems with integrated safety functions

Siemens offers a comprehensive product portfolio with integrated safety features that allows the economical implementation of effective safety concepts for each application profile:

  • Frequency converters for variable-speed operation of motors

  • Drives for precise and dynamic positioning and motion control tasks

  • Numerical controls for path control in machine tools and production machines.

The following table provides an overview of which products are available for which applications

Drive applications
with variable speed

High-performance and motion control applications

Numeric control in machine tools

Fields of

Conveyor systems, pumps,  extruders, mixers, mills, aggregates

Production machines General mechanical and plant engineering

Machine tools and production machines

Method of

On/off operation with acceleration/braking ramp, continuous duty with variable speeds

Continuous duty with high speed accuracy or cyclic operation with frequent accelerations/slowdowns: positioning, motion control

Interpolating  operation of several feed axes, spindle speed control

speed accuracy


High to very high

High to very high

closed-loop control

V/f control,
Vector Control

V/f control, Vector Control, Servo Control

Servo Control, interpolation


Frequency converters

High-performance converters

Numeric controls