Customized safety solutions for any automation task

In machines and systems, automated movements present huge potential risks. For this reason, drives always play a central role in safety solutions, regardless of the complexity of an automation task. Siemens drives are designed in such a way that they can be easily integrated into any of the safety solutions shown. With their integrated safety functions, they provide the basis for implementing highly effective safety concepts.

Stand-alone safety solutions for small to medium-sized automation tasks

For small automation solutions, it is often sufficient to connect (hardwire) a limited number of safety-related components to an evaluation unit. To do this, you can use either the SIRIUS 3TK28 safety relay or a modular SIRIUS 3RK3 safety system. The SIRIUS 3TK28 with special functions such as standstill or rotary speed monitoring can be used for monitoring applications with drives without a safety function. For an extensive plant, the AS-i safety monitor is suitable for the evaluation of safety-related signals via an AS-interface.

Stand-alone solution

Integrated safety solutions for production automation with SIMATIC

The SIMATIC automation system plays a central role in processing and coordinating safety-relevant processes in industrial automation and it is now the standard in many instances. The Safety Integrated portfolio is harmonized along these lines so that applications can be integrally designed. A SIMATIC operates without any problems in conjunction with the drive technology (SINAMICS, SIMATIC ET 200), low-voltage switchgear and controlgear (SIRIUS), and sensors from Siemens. Communication is carried out via PROFIBUS or PROFINET using the PROFIsafe standard.

Integrated safety solution with SIMATIC