Safe Stop 2 (SS2)

The SS2 function shuts down a motor quickly and safely and then monitors the standstill positions.


The Safe Stop 2 function can safely stop the drive in accordance with EN 60204-1, Stop Category 2. When the SS2 functionis selected, the drive brakes autonomously along a quickstop ramp. In contrast to SS1, the automatic speed control remains operational afterwards, i.e. the motor can supply the full torque required to maintain zero speed. Standstill is safely monitored (Safe Operating Stop function).


As with SS1, the SS2 function ensures the quickest possible deceleration of the motor. However, the motor power is not switched off, but prevented by a control system from leaving the standstill position even if affected by external forces.

Customer benefits

The SS2 function ensures a rapid axis stop. Because the control remains active, after the safety function is deselected, productive operation can continue without referencing. This ensures short setup and standstill times and high productivity.