Safety motor starters

For applications with fixed speed

If an application only needs to operate motors in network mode with a fixed speed, motor starters are used to control the motors, to limit start-up currents, and for soft starting. In addition to the individual devices from the SIRIUS product family, Siemens offers motor starters integrated into the SIMATIC ET 200 I/O system, specifically for use in a SIMATIC environment. These are especially useful for use in materials handling applications, for example in the automotive field.The STO safety function can be optionally implemented with the motor starters of the SIMATIC ET 200S/ET 200pro I/O systems via an add-on module.

Motorstarter SIMATIC ET200S

Motorstarter SIMATIC ET200S with IP20 degreeof protection for outputs up to 7.5 kW

Motorstarter SIMATIC ET200pro

Motorstarter SIMATIC ET200pro with IP65 degreeof protection for outputs up to 5.4 kW

Motormanagement SIMOCODE pro

Motormanagement SIMOCODE pro with IP20 degree of protection for outputs up to 800 kW

The control of the safety functions via PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET is possible by using a PROFIsafe profile. The motor starters and the motor management system are certified for applications up to Cat. 4 (EN 954-1), up to SIL 3 (IEC61508/62061) and up to PL e (EN ISO 13849-1).