Fail-safe SIMATIC ET 200 F-CPUs

The fail-safe, intelligent SIMATIC interface modules IM 151-7 F-CPU for the ET 200S and IM 154-8F PN/DP F-CPU for the ET 200pro are designed to meet the demands of the lower performance range.
They can be expanded in a centralized configuration with the safety ET 200S I/O or ET 200pro modules or distributed via PROFIBUS or PROFINET.

Additionally the IM 151-7 F-CPU is also available as a PROFIBUS DP master which can be used with a standard controller or as a stand-alone CPU (incl. safety modules).

The IM 151-7 F-CPU offers a combined DP/MPI interface.

Beside the IM 151-7 F-CPU and the IM 154-8F PN/DP F-CPU for the ET 200pro offer a PROFINET interface with 3 ports. PROFINET line or ring topologies can be easily realised. E.g. additionally a programming device can be connected via the third available port. Additionally you get a comfortable access to the modules and diagnosis data by the integrated webserver.

All CPUs satisfy maximum safety requirements and compliance with the relevant standards: EN 954-1 to Cat. 4, IEC 62061 to SIL 3, and EN ISO 13849-1 to PL e.

  • SIMATIC ET 200S IM 151-7 F-CPU with combined DP/MPI-interface

  • SIMATIC ET 200S IM 151-8 PN/DP F-CPU with PROFINET-interface¬†with 3 Ports

  • SIMATIC ET 200pro IM 154-8 PN/DP F-CPU PROFINET-interface with 3 Ports