SIMATIC Safety Integrated

The modular multifunctional I/O in high degree of protection IP67

The ET 200pro spectrum contains a high channel digital input module and a hybrid module with digital inputs and outputs, also F-Switch for fail-safe disconnection of standard I/O modules and motor starters.

Supported safety buses:

  • PROFINET via IM 154-4 PN HF

  • PROFIBUS via IM 154-2 DP HF,
    optional with Direct, ECOFAST or M12, 7/8" connecting module

Range of Application

The ET 200pro is used for distributed expansion of the safety S7-Controller optional via PROFIBUS or PROFINET. The high degree of protection IP65/67 enables cabinetless distributed configurations.

Product overview

Fail-safe expansion modules

For connecting digital sensors/encoders and/or loads/actuators

Motor starters

Motor starters up to 5,5 kW switching capacity in conjunction with F-Switch PROFIsafe and disconnecting ASM 400V module

Frequency converters

For "Safe standstill", "Safe brake ramp" and "Safely Reduced Speed" (in preparation)