I/O ET 200

SIMATIC Safety Integrated

The safety modules of ET 200M, ET 200S, ET 200pro (IP67) and/or the digital block peripheral device ET 200eco (IP67) are used for the distributed expansion of safety controllers.

In a centralized configuration, the S7-300F CPU can be expanded with safety modules of ET 200M.

In addition, "safety" and "non safety" I/O modules can be combined in an ET 200M/ET 200S/ ET 200pro station.

Both the safety and the standard I/O modules are interfaced via a fieldbus system, i.e. PROFIBUS with PROFIsafe profile.

The safety modules of ET 200S and ET 200pro can also be connected to a PROFINET network via PROFINET interface modules.

The safety SIMATIC I/Os meet the highest safety requirements:

  • IEC 61508, IEC 61511 and EN 62061 (up to SIL 3), EN ISO 13849-1 (bis PL e)

  • EN 954-1 (up to Category 4)

  • NFPA 79 - 2002 and NFPA 85

  • UL 1998, UL 508, UL 991

  • TÜV certificate no: Z10 05 08 20411 002


SIMATIC ET 200M and ET 200S with IP20 protection are particularly qualified for use in control cabinet. SIMATIC ET 200pro and ET 200eco with high IP65/67 protection are ideally suited for use in harsh industrial environments without control cabinets.


Range of Application

Safety systems provide the highest level of safety for humans, machines and environment. They are used to prevent accidents and damage resulting from a fault or malfunction.All safety modules can diagnose internal and external faults and are internally redundant. They have their own self-tests and fulfill the obtaining safety requirements.


Product overview