Product Portfolio

I/O without Control Cabinet

All safe modules are able to diagnose internal and external faults and feature a redundant internal design. They implement internal self-tests and meet the applicable safety requirements.

In addition, “safe” and “non-safe” I/O modules can be combined in an ET 200 station. Connection is optionally realized via PROFINET or PROFIBUS and the PROFIsafe profile.

SIMATIC ET 200pro - modular and multifunctional

SIMATIC ET 200pro represents a compact, extremely rugged and powerful I/O device with degree of protection IP65/67. It does not require a control cabinet and can be directly mounted on the machine. Its modular and time-saving assembly facilitates the flexible realization of customer-specific distributed automation solutions.

ET 200pro can be connected to the tried and tested field bus PROFIBUS or to PROFINET, the open Industrial Ethernet standard for company-wide automation. Interface modules with integrated CPU directly transfer the computing power of an S7-300 CPU to the I/O device. This reduces the load on the central controller and supports rapid responding to time-critical signals.

  • Modular design with particularly compact enclosure

  • Easy mounting

  • Multifunctional: Digital inputs/outputs, motor starters and frequency converters

  • Integrated IWLAN client for wireless connection

  • High system availability thanks to hot swapping and permanent wiring

SIMATIC ET 200eco - digital block I/O

SIMATIC ET 200eco represents the digital block I/O with degree of protection IP65/67. It consists of a basic module and two different terminal blocks. M12, 7/8" and ECOFAST are available for selection. A matched module range for digital I/Os as well as a fail-safe module with 8 fail-safe inputs is available.

  • Cost-favorable digital block I/O with fail-safe inputs

  • Flexible connection options

  • High system availability – the electronic block can be replaced during ongoing operation without any problems and without interruption of the bus communication or voltage supply