Product Portfolio

I/O in the Control Cabinet

All safe modules are able to diagnose internal and external faults and feature a redundant internal design. They implement internal self-tests and meet the applicable safety requirements.

In addition, “safe” and “non-safe” I/O modules can be combined in an ET 200 station. Connection is optionally realized via PROFINET or PROFIBUS and the PROFIsafe profile.

SIMATIC ET 200S - the all-rounder with comprehensive functional scope

The SIMATIC ET 200S represents a multifunctional and finely modular I/O system in degree of protection IP20 which can be accurately adjusted to the automation task. Connection to the PROFIBUS and/or PROFINET bus systems is realized via various interface modules.

Interface modules with integrated CPU directly transfer the computing power of an S7-300 CPU to the I/O device. This reduces the load on the central controller and supports rapid responding to time-critical signals.

  • Finely modular design with multi-conductor connection

  • Multifunctional: Motor starters, frequency converters, digital I/Os, relays

  • Applicability in explosive areas (Zone 2)

SIMATIC ET 200M - the high-channel S7-300

The fail-safe modules of the S7-300 can either be employed centrally in the S7-300 or in a distributed manner in the ET 200M. The distributed ET 200M I/O system represents a modular DP slave with degree of protection IP20.

Up to 8 high-channel signal (e.g. 32 digital inputs) and function modules as well as communication processors of the S7-300 can be employed as I/O modules - the interface to the process. No slot rules exist. When using active bus modules, modules can be replaced and expanded during ongoing operation (hot swapping).

  • Modular design with fail-safe SIMATIC S7-300 modules

  • Functions: Digital inputs/outputs, analog inputs, NAMUR

  • High system availability thanks to retentivity, hot swapping and configuration changes during ongoing operation

  • Applicability in explosive areas (Zone 2)

SIMATIC ET 200iSP - intrinsically safe I/O for explosive areas

SIMATIC ET 200iSP can be employed in explosive areas with gas or dust atmospheres.

- The ET 200iSP station can be installed in Zones 1, 21 and 2, 22.
- The connected sensors and actuators  may also be located in Zones 0 and 20.

Communication between the field devices and the process control system or automation system is realized via PROFIBUS DP. This does away with terminal blocks commonly used today as well as with previously required sub-distribution boards and Ex separation stages for the individual signals.

  • Individual configuration and flexible expansion thanks to modular design

  • Module replacement (hot swapping) and configuration expansion (configuration in run)   possible during ongoing operation

  • Signal-wise integration with HART without functionality restrictions

  • Condensation-proof modules in the temperature range from -20° to +70°

  • Full redundancy of PROFIBUS and power supply

  • Applicability in explosive areas (Zone 1 and 2)