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Integrated Engineering for Safety-Related and Standard Programs


The TIA Portal offers state-of-the-art software technology whose full potential controlled via an intuitive user interface. This enables you to focus on your engineering task. The intuitive layout and easy navigation support rapid familiarization with programming and editing functions most important to you. When starting a project, you can choose between the task-oriented portal view with simplified user guidance and the project view which offers quick access to the relevant tools.

The portal view intuitively guides you through each engineering step. The modules are clearly and thematically arranged in the hardware catalog on the right. They can be selected by order number and directly "plugged" into the photorealistic rack via drag & drop. The structured tree offers all parameters directly in the program editor. All device-specific settings, e.g. operating mode, can be immediately adjusted in the device properties. Whether a controller is to be programmed, an HMI display or network connections are to be configured - the TIA Portal helps both new and experienced users to optimize their workflow productivity.

  • Engineering in the TIA Portal

  • Enginering in STEP 7

STEP 7 Safety Advanced represents the seamless integration of safety in the TIA Portal. Yet, safety-related programs can also be created using STEP 7 and Distributed Safety as before. Programs created with STEP 7 Distributed Safety can be migrated into the TIA Portal at any time.

Both engineering tools offer commands, operations and blocks for safety-related programs in the LAD and FBD languages. For this purpose, a library with pre-configured and TÜV-approved blocks for safety-related functions is available. No additional engineering know-how is required as programming is carried out in the familiar STEP 7 environment. Fault detection functions and safety checks during safety program generation are equally supported as safety program comparisons. Besides the safety program, also a standard program can e executed on a CPU in a coexistent manner.

Engineering with STEP 7 Safety Advanced

SIMATIC Safety Integrated represents the seamless of safety-related functions in the standard automation - in a consistent and comfortable manner. This also applies to engineering in the TIA Portal with STEP 7 Safety Advanced. All configuration and programming tools required for the creation of a safety-related program are integrated in the STEP 7 user interface on the basis of a joint program structure. With STEP 7 Safety V11, you will benefit from all advantages of the TIA Portal also for your fail-safe automation applications. 

  • Intuitive operation and an identical operating concept as for the creation of standard programs facilitate rapid familiarization with the creation of fail-safe programs

  • Identical configuration of the F-system as for the standard automation system

  • Ready-to-start: The F-runtime group is automatically created upon insertion of the F-CPU

  • Using its own signatures for device parameters, the library concept supports company-internal standardization and simplifies the validation of safety-related applications

  • The Safety Administration Editor provides central support with the management, display and modification of safety-relevant parameters

  • Uniform and integrated identification of all safety-relevant objects provides you with an instant overview

  • Support of 32-bit integer data types as a further new feature

Safety Engineering in the TIA Portal

Engineering with STEP 7 V5.5 and S7 Distributed Safety

The Distributed Safety engineering tool facilitates the realization of safety-related automation applications with STEP 7 version 5.5 in LAD or FBD.

The safety program is called up from the standard user program via the so-called F-call (e.g. from a watchdog interrupt OB such as OB 35).

Sector-specific F-software packages

The optional burner package contains an F-library with blocks for industrial gas and oil burners. The blocks are TÜV-certified for thermal and steam boilers.

The likewise optional press package contains complete function blocks for the realization of press safety functions in accordance with EN 954-1, Kat.4 and EN 61508 - for example for mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic presses.