Your Advantages

High Flexibility and Scalability


The flexibility of SIMATIC Safety Integrated ensures

Depending on your specific requirements, safety technology can be integrated in the standard automation concept or realized on the basis of SIMATIC by means of two separate systems.

To reduce wiring expenditures, the network infrastructure has to be adjustable to the machine/system, not vice versa. This is supported by SIMATIC Safety Integrated as the existing network infrastructure, including any WLAN routes, can also be used for fail-safe communication.


This portfolio comprises a scalable range of safety-related controllers in various designs on the basis of different hardware and software architectures for all sectors of factory automation - from modular controllers and embedded automation products down to PC-based controllers.

With SIMATIC ET 200, a wide range of distributed I/O systems is available - for solutions in the control cabinet, without control cabinet, directly on the machine as well as for application in explosive areas (Zone 2).