Security for PC-based Systems


With the increasing importance of Ethernet in industrial automation, there is also a growing need to protect PC-based systems within a network from unauthorized access. In addition to defined escalation processes, technical safeguards represent another important protective measure in security management. We offer you sophisticated designs and solutions for safeguarding your PC-based systems.

Virus scanner

The use of virus scanners is a fundamental protection mechanism for PC systems in the production environment, as well. However, these must be adapted to the basic conditions of the automation solution. This is why we conduct compatibility tests of selected anti-virus products, updates, and our products in order to ensure they will operate properly with one another.


Whitelisting provides an additional security mechanism for secure operation of the SIMATIC STEP 7 engineering software, SIMATIC WinCC/WinCC flexible HMI systems, and the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, particularly with respect to zero day exploits. Whitelisting mechanisms for PCs ensure that only requested and non-manipulated programs can be executed. We conduct compatibility tests with selected whitelisting products to ensure that our products will operate properly with these security mechanisms.

Deactivation of services

One measure that increases the security of a PC system is to reduce the number of services, especially network services, by eliminating those that are not required (e.g., the Remote Access Service of Windows operating systems).

VPN client software: Configuring without special knowledge about security

You can use the SOFTNET Security Client to gain secure access from programming devices, PCs, and notebooks to network nodes or automation systems that are protected by SCALANCE S security modules or components with Security Integrated.

No special knowledge about industrial security is required for this. The existing network structure does not have to be changed or adapted, either.

SIMATIC Logon: User administration and role-based access control

With SIMATIC Logon, you rely on a central, plant-wide user administration for SIMATIC engineering and runtime systems. Security mechanisms on the part of the administrator and user ensure reliable protection. The user is uniquely defined by his/her user ID, consisting of user name and password. The administrator can also configure new users or block existing users online, both throughout the plant and across applications.