Packaged Solutions


With our packaged solutions, we offer proven security combinations that address specific industrial security areas. These consist of a component requiring one-time installation and a periodic service. In this way, you can ensure state-of-the-art security for your company while keeping the costs transparent.

System hardening

The system hardening package closes unneeded interfaces and ports, thereby reducing the vulnerability of your network to external and internal attacks. All levels of an automation system are considered for this: the control system, network components, PC-based systems, and programmable logic controllers.

Patch management

With the patch management package, your system and security functions are kept up-to-date at all times. For this, we install or integrate the necessary servers and an automated patch distribution. Optional remote maintenance elements are available. The patches provided are tested beforehand in systems specifically monitored for this purpose. In addition, we recommend periodic adjustments to the update strategy .

Virus protection

This package consists of implementing a virus protection solution based on approved virus scanners. Similar to patch management, we install or integrate the required servers and set up an automated update distribution of the latest virus signatures. Optional remote maintenance components are available here, as well.


The firewall package includes installation and configuration of the required firewall and DMZ hardware. It also provides for ongoing availability monitoring and evaluation of the event log for potential threats.


Whitelisting restricts access and executability of programs based on clearly defined lists. The package includes installation of all necessary software and configuration of the desired filter rules.