Industrial Security Services


Experience has shown that independent development of a solid security concept rapidly exceeds available resources as of a certain plant size. As a result, compromises are often made at the expense of overall security.

To prevent this situation from ever occurring, Siemens offers tailor-made industrial security services that provide everything you need for comprehensive plant protection, ranging from the risk analysis and implementation of suitable measures to regular updates.

As your industry partner, we support you from the initial planning steps, through implementation and operation of a tailor-made solution, right up to its modernization. The services we provide will lay the cornerstone for a holistic and sustainable security concept.

The benefit to you: The susceptibility of your overall plant to threats is significantly reduced and its assets are protected.

Our professional services include:

  • Analysis of vulnerabilities; identifying and implementing risk minimization measures

  • Design of customized security solutions

  • Support during implementation of security solutions (firewall, virus protection, system hardening, patch management, whitelisting technologies)

  • Establishment and expansion of knowledge or education in workshops and training courses

For additional information or to request an offer, please contact the experts on our industrial security service team:

A systematic approach to efficient industrial security solutions

When planning and implementing your industrial security solution, we leave nothing to chance. We consider all key information that is relevant for maximum protection of your plant.

  • Implementation of an appropriate, comprehensive security management as well as the required security guidelines for your engineering and production processes

  • Introduction of sophisticated network segmentation in order to logically separate the office IT network from the production network and to allow monitoring

  • Installation, configuration, and testing of firewall and VPN connections

  • Installation and testing of whitelisting and anti-virus software at identified points in the network

  • Monitoring of all communication with systems for purposes of detecting intruders