Our Security Concept


There is no such thing as 100% security. And the security that does exist never lasts forever. Internalizing this fact is an essential step toward creating the best-possible industrial security solution and continuously adapting it to new threats.

To ensure this, we focus on comprehensive consulting, cooperative partnerships, and continuous innovation of measures and products through the exchange of ideas with external and official security experts. Security is one of the system characteristics of Totally Integrated Automation.

Security is always tailored to individual needs

We are not in the business of providing off-the-shelf security solutions. Instead, we start by performing a comprehensive analysis of production and process infrastructures and follow up by recommending a set of measures that address the actual situation.

Defense in depth

To ensure comprehensive protection of industrial plants from internal and external cyber attacks, all levels must be protected simultaneously – ranging from the plant management level to the field level and from access control to copy protection. This is why our approach to comprehensive protection offers defense throughout all levels – “defense in depth”.

Guidelines for initial security measures

Building on defense in depth, we have compiled a few essential security guidelines in our operational guidelines. Companies can use these guidelines to perform a basic risk assessment and take initial industrial security measures.
More Information

Industrial security services

Siemens Industrial Security Services ensures a tailor-made security architecture. Siemens Industrial Security provides a complete package, including a detailed security assessment, selection and implementation of the most suitable measures for the given situation, updates, and risk adjustment, which provides for optimal protection of your plant both today and in the future.