Publications on the future of manufacturing

ARC Client Report: Scenarios for Investment in Manufacturing through 2050

Investment in industrial manufacturing will continue to grow worldwide. In their study “The Future of Manufacturing: Scenarios for Investment in Manufacturing through 2050,” ARC analysts define three different categories of countries and how likely they are to invest in the manufacturing sector through 2050 and beyond.

Networked manufacturing: The digital future

The digital future is an Economist Intelligence Unit report that is based on desk research and in-depth interviews with experts including manufacturing professionals, policy makers, and academics. It discusses t networked manufacturing and the conditions that may enable a successful shift.

Pictures of the Future: Solutions for tomorrow’s world

Digital transformation, affordable infrastructures and intelligent energy use are the three key topics of the 2014 spring edition of Pictures of the Future. Digitalization is changing the rules of the game in every sector. Industry software can benefit manufacturing enormously – helping to improve resource efficiency, integrate processes and data and increase productivity.

Industry Journal: Digitalization of manufacturing

Data is what fuels progress in manufacturing today. This issue of Industry Journal illustrates how digitalization can increase business efficiency – at all points of the value chain.




This most recent issue of advance shows how manufacturing industry can increase efficiency and flexibility with digitalization. In an interview, Anton S. Huber the future CEO of the new division Digital Factory, provides an outlook on the production of the future.

process news

Reinventing an industry: The paper market has changed for good and pulp and paper companies need to take action. The current issue of process news provides insights into market trends and how the industry can benefit from having a strong and innovative partner such as Siemens. Read more about this in process news 3/2014.