LOGO! App is a tool used to control and monitor the LOGO! device. You can connect to LOGO! device via WLAN of your phone. After successfully configured the address of LOGO! device, you can change clock and get firmware infomation. Meanwhile, you can monitor the I/O status, VM values and diagnostic information. You can also add the monitored VM values into a trend view to get a graphical overview.

The free of charge LOGO! App enables you to monitor actual process values of your LOGO! 0BA7 application with a smart phone or a tablet PC via WLAN or Internet. It allows to switch digital signal and adjust analogue values or timer settings. Supported will be the WLAN connection to a LOGO! 0BA7 basic module via IP address typically or DynDNSnames which are used in the Internet.

The main functions at a glance

  • Connection via IP-Address and DynDNS-name
    Supports connection via Internet without fixed IP-Address

  • User specific names for devices and values
    Simple recognition

  • Read and set date and time in LOGO! and synchronization with date and time of the mobile device

  • Show configured values in status table or trend view

  • Read Diagnostic information
    Without program changes in LOGO!

  • LOGO! App is available in English



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