Answers from Siemens.

“Complete mobility” means efficient mobility solutions for an integrated transportation system that moves people and goods economically, quickly and safely.

Siemens offers integrated transportation and logistics solutions that incorporate all transportation systems, intelligently network them, and optimize their use. In addition, we create maximum energy and resource efficiency by taking an all-encompassing view of product life cycles and innovative products and systems. Siemens has the necessary experience and expertise:

  • Operating systems for rail and road traffic

  • Railway electrification systems

  • Rolling stock for public transit, regional and long-distance rail lines

  • Airport logistics

  • Postal automation systems

Urban Solutions

Increasing inner-city traffic can only be controlled with a powerful, complete transportation system and with the smooth interaction of all carriers. We offer integrated mobility solutions that optimally network urban centers and adjust dynamically to changing requirements:

  • Innovative transportation management systems link roads and rails.

  • Information systems display efficient travel routes to passengers.

  • Fully automated metros can be adapted flexibly to passenger volume.

  • Dynamic transportation control systems guarantee an optimized traffic flow.

  • The result: Maximum mobility – for competitive cities with a sustainable quality of life.

Interurban Solutions

Unlimited mobility and the continued economic development of regions and countries are based on an efficient long-distance transportation infrastructure: Regional transportation solutions seamlessly connect surrounding areas to city centers, and trans-regional solutions provide fast and environmentally-friendly connections between metropolitan areas:


  • Modern, powerful trains and locomotives

  • Rail automation and electrification solutions

  • Dynamic systems for capturing data and directing traffic onto highways

The dramatic increase in traffic volume can be controlled with the integration of coordinated mobility solutions: For faster connections, increased safety, fewer traffic jams and greater reliability when traveling.


With intermodal transportation and efficient automation solutions, Siemens provides all the means for an integrated freight transport system – with seamless transport chains that ensure the permanent supply of goods to cities and regions.

  • An efficient transportation and logistics system forms the basis for the strength of a local economy.

  • Interoperable locomotives and efficient freight management systems ensure the smooth transport of goods.

  • Automation solutions for package, letter and luggage deliveries support fast and reliable availability.

We are paving the way for tomorrow, today.

Siemens exploits all key synergies through company-wide teamwork in research and development to roll out market- and environmentally-friendly innovations. This process leads to new materials and technologies, new automation solutions, new information and communication networks that optimize efficiency and integration. This ensures that we are paving the way today for attractive and powerful infrastructures of tomorrow.