Trends and Solutions


GreenTech Future

An international survey of more than 1,599 companies and research facilities from the environmental industry testifies to the enormous potential of this industry. Torsten Henzelmann, Partner at Roland Berger, presents.

Energy efficiency – the new imperative

"That's why the right tools are so important!" David W. Humphrey, Director of European Research at ARC, looks into the future of production companies.


Solutions for manufacturing

Less is more

Rising energy costs, increasing ROI pressure and greater awareness for more climate protection make energy-optimized machines and drives more and more interesting to industry.

Savings as requested

From June 16, 2011 on, only LV motors of energy efficiency class IE2 or higher can be placed on the market in Europe. In the beginning, industry was hesitant because of the procurement costs involved. However, manufacturers have now endorsed the EU regulation.

Tracking down energy sinners

Modern process automation reduces a company’s energy consumption by up to 70 percent. The investment and amortization times are comparatively low.

While machines are asleep

Industrial enterprises can save enormous amounts of energy costs by using more modern technologies. For example, during the time in which production machines are not in use.

Greener computing

Data centers in the Internet world are gigantic energy hogs. What used to be shrugged off as unavoidable is now topic number one in the IT industry.


Solutions for buildings

City oases

Comfortable climate, architectural brilliance, and exemplary energy efficiency are not contradictory. On the contrary, the combination of those qualities results in trendsetting buildings.

One hot deal

Energy Saving Performance Contracting. Within this model, guaranteed cost reductions fund modernization efforts, meaning property owners can achieve significant cost savings.

The future’s so bright

Bright, colorful, versatile and economical. Next generation LEDs are the standard light of the future.


Solutions for mobility

The momentum of automation

Attractive and powerful public transportation networks play a major role in relieving cities of their increasing traffic burden.

Clearing the way

Growing cities, increasing traffic – but with fewer traffic jams and greater safety: transportation technicians are working on making the impossible possible.