A green building

Today, a building does not become "green" anymore by simply adding up high-efficiency products and the use of sustainable building materials. Intelligent networking of innovative building structures made from recyclable materials and cross-trade building technologies score the point:


A hybrid ventilation system allows all ventilation forms: manual and mechanical, as well as local and automatic. A central exhaust air system with heat recovery helps to save heating energy. Heat generated by persons, solar irradiation and manual ventilation is sufficient to comfortably temper the building until winter time. A geothermal heat pump compensates for temperature variations in the winter and hot summers. Networking helps in saving energy: Mechanical ventilation and the heating/cooling function in a room are automatically switched off, as soon as a window is opened.

Networking is the conceptional core of the entire complex. In the suspended ceiling panels of the offices alone, several technologies are connected:

  • Luminaires for anti-glare lighting of the room

  • Presence detectors to activate or deactivate lighting and ventilation

  • Sprinkler systems

Lighting solution

A micro-prism structural cover in Eldacon technology provides anti-glare lighting in the entire office.

  • Workstations can be completely individually arranged in the office space

  • A dimming function allows to utilize natural daylight as much as possible and significantly reduce energy consumption

  • The cut-off technology of the Quicktronic DALI Dim ballast disables lamp filament pre-heating, as soon as the optimum operating temperature is reached. This also reduces the energy consumption of the 3.000 lamps by an additional 8 %.


Even power is distributed especially efficiently and safely throughout the building. Taking into account cost-efficiency, sustainability and fire load, busbars are the efficient alternative to conventional cables. The busbar system Sivacon 9 PS with its modular structure and space-saving design also represents the basis of the integrated overall concept from Siemens.

  • Due to the vertical and horizontal busbar routing, level-correlated electricity meters can be installed - without voltage losses

  • The entire building can at any time be flexibly partitioned or converted for different users and renters