Reduction of the environmetal impact

From the start, Siemens studied the eco-balance of the entire vehicle for Oslo and conducted a lot of basic research. With an unexpected result: For operation in Oslo, weight is not only the most significant lever to save energy. But as well the heating systems inside the cabin and the isolation of the carbodies. Thus, the energy demand can already be optimized during the design of the commuter train.


  • Detailed basic research

  • Analysis of existing metro trains


Train optimization with respect to

  • Energy-efficient air conditioning

  • High recycling rate

  • Energy recovery during braking

  • Lightweight railcar construction


Technical data

  • Per train 3 railcars with an overall length of 54 meters

  • Room for 678 passengers

  • Top speed 80 km/h

  • Carbody material: aluminium

Realization time from September 2003 to March 2018