Additional Benefit: Quality Certification

Bürger invited Heitec, one of Siemens experienced Solution Partner Automation. Heitec recommended Simatic powerrate for WinCC for continuous process visualization. The system was used at a superordinate level for recording, illustration, documentation and archiving of all process values of the entire plant. This resulted in an immediate additional benefit: It is possible to trace process values at any time – an essential prerequisite for meaningful quality certification.

Power consumption analysis and evaluation

  • 12 consumption meters Sentron PAC3200 were installed at selected locations in the plant. The chronological characteristic of the respective power consumption was recorded using Simatic powerrate for WinCC.

  • The result: The peaks in consumption occurred during plant activation at the beginning of the shift. Several cooling compressors started at the same time - causing a too high load with a power rating of 350 kW each.

Bullets Quick success in optimization

  • The aggregates were adjusted in such a manner that the cooling processors are sequentially activated and start up in a controlled manner.

  • The result: The overall energy demand could be reduced from 4.2 to 3.7 MW by this measure only.

  • Additional measures are planned.